Liver German Shepherd Complete Overview

The liver German Shepherd Dog has been kept secret for far too long. Some breeders thought that another male had gotten to their female and the resulting brown looking puppy was a mutt. Others knew what they were and put them down as they did not want anyone to know they were producing anything other than traditional colored shepherds.

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Liver German Shepherd 

A Liver German Shepherd has received two copies of a recessive gene. This gene completely blocks the black pigment from forming. This is similar to another recessive gene, which dilutes any black dye, resulting in a Blue German Shepherd.

A Liver will have a brown nose, while a blue will have a grey nose. Livers are hard to locate. Many breeders will not typically breed for liver (or blue), German Shepherds. Though they are still AKC recognized, the liver color is considered a severe fault.

However, with the canine genomic project and strong breeders who stood their ground for this color of GSD, they are rising to be seen in several countries.

I have always admired the liver colouration and required to incorporate liver into my breeding program; however, I found it to be difficult in the beginning to find them especially with AKC full registration as the breeders that did allow them to live, only sold on limited registration for fear that they were not as healthy as their colored siblings.

I came across a litter of four liver female puppies and among myself and my best friend, Dawn, we rounded up three of the four, and the last sister went to a fellow liver lover.

How Did Liver Get into the GSD Gene Pool?

Liver GSD is a naturally occurring color within the GSD gene pool. The color has been apart of the original gene pool from the start. The color is listed on the registration certificate as the GSD club within AKC recognise that this is a color that is carried by many GSD and should be acknowledged as it’s genetic coloration. The puppies born a brown chocolate color are registered as Liver.

Liver German Shepherd Health Issues

Despite the color being considered as a fault, there is no difference between a Liver GSD and any of the traditional colors. This is a hotly debated topic, and while I don’t believe shepherds should be bred haphazardly, I don’t feel that little color should be considered a significant fault.

Isabella Color German Shepherd

The Isabella is a much rarer color of German Shepherd. They are born fawn-colored and carry two copies of the Blue recessive gene and two copies of the Liver gene, which are then expressed in their pigmentation. They are generically called “diluted livers” or “double dilutes.” 

Isabella Color German Shepherd

The Liver gene blocks all-black pigmentation, so they appear brown. The Blue gene then dilutes the brown since there is no black pigmentation to dilute. The Isabella color can be seen in many other breeds, including Border Collies, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Dobermans and Weimaraners. 

Different Shades of Liver German Shepherd

The gene that causes the brown (liver) coloration on the GSD is the B gene. It is a recessive gene and in many pedigree’s. In order for a GSD to produce Liver, both parents must pose the b gene. Brown is in complete black. unlike blue, (which is a dilution of black), brown is not dilution. 

Thus giving all areas of the GSD that would normally appear black be a chocolate color. The shades of liver German Shepherd range from a milk chocolate/cinnamon color to a semi-sweet rich dark chocolate color. Since the colors and patterns are separate, they can come in all patterns: saddleback, bi-color, sable, solids, and multiple patterns. 

So, if Chocolate is your forte’, then you have come to the right place. Pedigrees are available upon request One of the goals with our Liver GSD matings is to increase the restricted gene pool, create more liver carrier GSD, work to produce Isabella and to produce the color liver itself. We are looking forward to meeting like-minded people that want to work with the dilutes as well. 

What Do Liver German Shepherd Puppies Look Like?

Causes a brownish color in the coat. It turns the nose brown and the eyes amber or light brown. Sometimes a liver dog can also have a pink nose. The nose color is the most reliable way of distinguishing a Liver dog.

Where Can I Adopt A Liver German Shepherd or Buy From A Breeder?

It is encouraged to adopt as a priority because there are so many loving and sociable dogs that are looking for a caring owner and loving home. Good breeders that care about their dogs can be hard to find, but they are out there. We will provide you with the best and authentic source where you can quickly adopt Liver German Shepherd.

Final Words

Here I put all the information about the Liver German Shepherd Dog. There is an issue about this mix breed that’s the main reason you find different color in this breed.

But if you want to adopt or buy Liver German Shepherd, You can easily adopt this one. All qualities and training process of the Liver GSD is completely the same as a normal German Shepherd.

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