Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix: Complete Guide

Super intelligent and cutely awkward, that’s one way to explain Sheagles, the mix of Australian Shepherd and Beagle. The Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is no exception.

Mixed breed dogs can undoubtedly be one-of-a-kind, not only in character yet also in appearances. Apart from its fun-loving, high octane character, a mix of the delicious locks of the Australian Shepherd and the timeless hound-dog appearance of the Beagle make for a beautiful dog certainly.

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Where Does The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix Come From?

As holds with several mixed breeds, info regarding where this mix had its beginnings is scant. We can find out plenty concerning the parent types, the Australian Shepherd and also the Beagle, however. Both of these types have rich histories.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is not true that “Aussie” at all; the breed had its beginnings in Europe, where it was made use of by the neighborhood ranchers in the Pyrenees Mountains.

Australian Shepherd

In the 1800s, these dogs were taken to Australia as well as invested a long time there where their unique herding ability and also work principles were additional sharpened.

From there, the Aussie Shepherd made a trip to America where this tough working and also talented dog was additionally admired and refined to become the “Aussie” we know today.

The Beagle’s history is as long that its precise origins are murky. There are reports of dogs that can well have been the Beagle’s precursors as far back as 55BC in England.

Tiny canines, more than likely these very early Beagles, have had a place in England’s history ever since, because of their capacity to quest rabbits on foot, without the need for horses.



After the Civil War, the Beagle located its method to America. His happy character and outstanding hunting skills were obtained well there, further boosting this little hounds’ appeal.

Any kind of discussion around a mixed breed dog is likely to welcome some level of controversy. The point of view is strong whether mixed breed dogs are tremendous or negative energy. Supporters of full-blooded dogs keep that their lineage can be mapped back for generations, indicating the size, personality, and health and wellness of a pure-blooded can be accurately forecasted.

They also claim that sustaining breeders of pure-blooded dogs motivate the betterment of the breed. They assert excellent dog breeders ensure the characteristics, as well as capacities inherent in purebreds, can be enhanced and also protected for generations to find.

On the other hand, supporters of mixed breeds point out that the inbreeding of full-blooded dogs’ typically results in dogs with severe illness.

What are Beagle Aussie mix dogs called?

This crossbreed in some cases described as an Australian Shepherd Beagle mix, Aussie Beagle, in some cases also Baussie, and, obviously, Seagle. Here is another mixed breed that is looking for you German Shepherd Beagle Mix is a great loyal dog in GSD mixed family.

Australian Shepherd Beagle mix: Breed Specifications

Height13 – 23 inches
Weight20 – 60 pounds
Lifespanup to 16
Easy to trainYes
SheddingNormal to High
Energy levelHigh
Space RequirementsBig place, possibly with a yard
PersonalityEnergetic, intelligent, and playful

What does this mix look like?

Like any mixed breed, Sheagles might appear like any one of the pup’s moms and dads. So, you could wind up with a family pet looking like Beagle, strong as well as short, or a larger and also thinner one, much more like the Australian Shepherd. The eye color and also coat shade might likewise differ significantly.

Are Mixed Breeds Healthier?

They indicate clinical studies that show that dogs with a genetically varied background are healthier than purebreds. They also declare that breed criteria, which dictate the desirable physical features of purebred dogs, commonly have extra to do with looks than the well-being of the dog.

This has resulted in dogs with flattened faces and also breathing troubles, back, and even joint disorders, as well as difficulty delivering. As far an improving the breed, advocates of mixed breeds mention that a liable breeder will certainly motivate traits that make the dog healthier and better. Even if that suggests, the dog wanders off from the expected standards of the breed.

How Big Beagle Aussie Will They Get?

Australian Shepherd and Beagle mix vary in size, based on dominating inherited features. Nevertheless, usually, this dog can grow to stand around 13 to 23 inches at the shoulder, with the weight someplace between 20 and 65 pounds.

Australian Shepherd and Beagle mix Life Span

Aussie Beagle mix is usually a healthy breed with a life expectancy of up to 16 years.

Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix Temperament

It is essential to know the dominant characteristics of both moms and dad types, as there is a good chance your pup will undoubtedly get some of these.

The Australian Shepherd is a smart, steadfast employee that likes to herd. Therefore, you require to keep these dogs hectic, or they will undoubtedly come to be bored and uneasy.

Aussies are also loyal friends, so once you have a bond with these dogs, anticipate that they will indeed wish to accompany you practically anywhere. Beagles are hunting dogs, and because of this, they are also energetic and need lots of time to play.

They are smart, just like the Aussie, and also are conveniently educated. Beagles are additionally understood for their satisfied as well as outward bound characters. Any combination of these two breeds is not mosting likely to be a lazy-bones, as well as they are likely to be whip-smart.

How to Train Your Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

Before you start teaching your puppy fancy tricks, you will likely be keen to potty train them. If you don’t quite know where to begin with potty training, check out this article, including a handy training schedule.

Both these dogs were bred to work and have high energy levels so that an Aussie Beagle will need 1-2 hours of exercise a day. And to be clear, leaving them in the yard all day won’t count as ‘exercise’ – these dogs need to be engaged.

Beagles are scent hounds, and if they are bored, they will busy themselves following any smells they come across. This has left them with the reputation of being highly skilled escape artists.

An Aussie Shepherd, once fully grown, makes an excellent jogging or hiking companion, keeping you fit and your dog happy. If you don’t have the time to spend 1-2 hours each day playing, training, and interacting with an Aussie Beagle, one of these dogs might not be the best choice for you. Ideally, these dogs will also much appreciate a canine companion as well.

Beagle Australian Shepherd grooming 

Both Australian Shepherds and Beagles dropped, so Sheagle will be also. This crossbreed normally has a medium-length double coat. So, slicker brush as well as a losing blade are essential items for normal (2-3 times per week) dog pet grooming.

Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix Health

Both dog types enjoy a relatively great level of health and wellness. Nevertheless, as with a lot of purebreds, some health problems can turn up. Hip Dysplasia is a common trouble in many breeds of dogs.

It results from the massive bone in the top thigh not fitting virtually right into the hip outlet. This results in arthritis as well as mobility problems. The AKC advises that both Beagles and also Aussie Shepherds be tested for hip dysplasia.

Likewise, both moms and dad types have a predisposition to epilepsy. Both parent dogs must be evaluated for this potentially severe health problem. Beagles are understood to have issues with their thyroid, most significantly hypothyroidism.

This leads to weight gain and the loss of hair. Beagles can also create eye problems, Musladin-Lueke Syndrome, and also experience trouble with dislocated kneecaps. Australian Shepherds can be prone to some forms of cancer and also cataracts.

Beagle Australian Shepherd Diet

Before you get your brand-new Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix pup, ask the breeder what food is being offered before. Stick with that diet for the first six months of a pet’s life, and afterward transform it to a high-grade adult menu. Since the breed is healthy and balanced and you’re mosting likely to have a lot of working out, you should not have an issue with your dog being overweight.

Beagle Australian Shepherd Good For Families?

Australian Shepherd Beagle mix makes wonderful household dogs, yet you do need to have plenty of time and motivation to work out and also educate the pup.

Australian Shepherd Beagle mix: is it right for you? 

If you are searching for a happy and also outward bound pup and additionally going to dedicate sufficient time to play with the pet, after that the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix deserves thinking about.

Pros and Cons of Getting Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

  • Cons
  • Will require lots of time taken into training as well as workout.
  • Can end up being bored as well as destructive.
  • Can be an escapee.
  • Pros
  • Great for energetic individuals who would such as a buddy to tackle journeys.
  • Enjoyable loving, friendly, and also dedicated.
  • Easy to educate.
  • Comparable Australian Shepherd Beagle Mixes and also Breeds
  • If you like the audio of these dogs, however, aren’t sure you will certainly locate one in your location, right here are some other types or blends that you may such as:
  • Labrador Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Aussiedoodle– (Australian Shepherd Poodle mix).
  • Boarder Collie.
  • Beaglier (Beagle King Charles Spaniel mix).
  • Cocker Spaniel.

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