German Shepherd vs Wolf

Even though the German Shepherd resembles a wolf, they are still different. You could be asking the questions, “exactly how German Shepherd Dogs are connected with wolves?” or “will it be feasible that a German Shepherd, as well as a wolf, be cross reproduced?” This write-up will certainly offer you a clear understanding concerning German Shepherd vs. wolf. Here you can check another best comparission German Shepherd vs Coyote with complete detail.

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German Shepherd Origin Wolf?

German Shepherd Origin Wolf?

There are numerous researches in genes connected to dog family members which declared that German Shepherd Dogs have come down from the family tree of wolves. Scientifically, tamed dogs like GSD, foxes, jackals, and wolves belong to the Canidae family, so there is a greater chance that GSD genetics might have stemmed from wolves.

Historically, the maker of the German Shepherd breed, Von Stephanitz, used the Thuringian breed, which has a close similarity of a gray wolf that has physical features such as the crinkled tail, shaggy grey hair, and erected ears. It is the reason why a lot of the German Shepherd Dogs appear like a wolf.

Despite of the truth that German Shepherds had a wolf-like look and also characteristics, there are still numerous distinctions of which they could be contrasted.

Wolf compared to German Shepherd

Wolf compared to German Shepherd

Vital Statistics (Size, Weight, Bite Force and Speed)

An adult male wolf’s elevation ranges from 66-81 cm. taller than a fully expanded male German Shepherd, 60-65 cm. high. The average weight of an adult male wolf is 30-80 kg.

A regular male German Shepherd evaluates 22-40 kilograms. Compared to a German Shepherd Dog, with 238 psi bite pressure, a wolf eats force of around as much as 400 pounds of pressure. A German Shepherd has a speed of 63 kph, and also a wolf can run 75 kph.

Birth and Maturity

Wolves have a reproducing period yearly, while domesticated dogs like German Shepherd can breed as much as twice a year. Additionally, wolves are faster to develop than German Shepherd Dogs. The factor is that wolves require to make themselves all set to be independent to survive the wildlife, while residential dogs are a lot more reliant with their human friends.


The eyes of a wolf are yellow-colored or brownish-yellow in color. Nevertheless, Most of the German Shepherd Dogs have brownish eyes. Coats of German Shepherd Dogs can have different shades and mixes of those yet wolves, only have camouflage shades to safeguard themselves in wildlife. Tails of wolves are straighter, and their paws are more significant than of the German Shepherd Dogs.

Behavioral Aspect

Studies show that wolves are a lot shyer yet smarter than German Shepherd Dogs. German Shepherd is much more friendly with humans as well as others, whereas wolves are not.

Social discovering of wolves concentrates on the connections and methods among their packs, yet German Shepherd is more than likely to be friendly with human beings. Among the distinct behavior characteristics of wolves is that they have a rigid pack hierarchy.

German Shepherd Dogs are very dependent on humane treatment and wish for affection and focus, but wolves are so independent and do not need to associate with humans.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Is it possible that a German Shepherd, as well as a wolf, be crossbred? There are breeders of wolfdogs or fifty percent wolf half German Shepherd; however, they still go through abide by State or neighborhood legislations.

These policies may be different depending on what location it will be bred. For instance, some areas need common caging for wolfdogs or other areas that require licenses and also vaccinations where this breed is categorized as a dog. Therefore, before adopting or purchasing one, it is needed to evaluate the regulations of possessing a wolfdog crossbreed.

What is a German Shepherd Wolf Mix or Hybrid?

A German Shepherd Wolf mix is the outcome of cross reproducing a German Shepherd and a wolf. This type of breed is not purebred and is also known as “wolfdog” or sometimes, “wolf shepherd.”. For you to value as well as examine this unique breed, it very important to be oriented with the characteristics and some sorts of German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

Characteristics of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

The German Shepherd Wolf mix can generally be sable, gray, black, white, or mix of these colors. It has thick hair, a long face, and aimed ears. Its average weight is 54 kg. or 120 pounds, as well as its height is around 60 cm. or 24 inches. This kind of dog is highly intelligent and also healthy.

It is difficult to anticipate the temperament of the German Shepherd Wolf mix since it can differ depending on the history of its parents. However, you can identify its temperament when it reached the maturation degree, where its hormonal changes significantly started, generally 18 months old.

Health And Wellness Issues/ Problems
The lifespan of a German Shepherd Wolf Mix can be up to 15 years old. Although this kind of breed is generally healthy and balanced because of a mix of 2 strong dog breeds, it can still be at risk of some genetic diseases like hip dysplasia, elbow joint dysplasia, bloat, and cancer.

Types of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Saarloos Wulfhund (German Shepherd Timberwolf).
This sort of wolfdog originated from the cross reproduction of a German Shepherd Dog and a timber wolf. This was the result of Leendert Saarloos’ experiment in dog reproduction.

This is a reliable and also huge German Shepherd wolf mix, which can be 76 cm tall and also evaluates around 36-45 kg. Saarloos possesses a pack mindset and appreciates being with other teams of dogs.

This breed is not advisable to be a household pet dog due to its requiring personality and also high maintenance, which requires mindful and professional training.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.
This breed of dog originated from the combination of a German Shepherd and a Carpathian Wolf. That’s very athletic as well as energized with a thick layer.

Additionally normally assigned as an “attack dog” for special military operations. Its elevation is around 60-65 cm. and can weigh 25 kg. If you are intending to get a pup of this breed you need to prepare $800-$ 1500.

Owners of this breed need more perseverance as a result of its stubbornness as well as an independent personality. Keep in mind that it is very hostile to various other animals and dogs.

Lupo Italiano Wolfdog.
This German Shepherd wolf mix came from the cross in between a German Shepherd and also a she-wolf as well as is also called Italian wolfdog. The state of Italy safeguards this kind of breed and is usually called “State dogs,” as well as can not be advertised.

It is very energetic and very protective of its proprietor. Its abdominal area is solid as well as its spine is straight and also well-built. The elevation of a Lupo Italiano varies from 60-70 cm. and considers around 25-35 kg.

German Shepherd vs. Wolf Real Fight

Maybe your next question after you found out about when a German Shepherd enjoys a wolf will be, just how a GSD will battle a wolf?

Remember that a wolf has formally trained in forests as well as desserts as well as has high knowledge, survival rate, and utilized to endure in a harsh wildlife setting. On the other hand, a German Shepherd is being educated by logical human beings and is also intelligent and robust.

It is tough to judge that will undoubtedly win if there will indeed be an opportunity to experience each other. However, wolves remain more powerful than German Shepherd Dogs because they have greater endurance and different instincts.

The benefit of a German Shepherd is its muscular endurance from pain, so it can also, in some way, make it through the attacks of wolves. Another disadvantage for German Shepherd coming across wolves is that its opponent can strike in the pack, so numbers are a significant risk and also can result in its loss.

Final Words

Now you understand that it is genuinely possible to cross-breed a German Shepherd as well as a wolf. Nevertheless, those who want to have a German Shepherd Wolf mix need to be well knowledgeable as well as qualified before having one because they can not be quickly trained.

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