German Shepherd Greyhound mix: Complete Guide

The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is a stunning breed in terms of appearance and traits that it inherits from both. Just like the parent breeds, they are medium to large-size dogs that can be found in a variety of colors.

While the greyhound breed was bred to be a hunter, the German shepherd was bred to be herders. That implies you are likely going to get a mix of herdsman and seeker attributes with a crossbreed of German shepherd and Greyhound.

Physical Attributes of the German Shepherd Greyhound mix

Physical Attributes of the German Shepherd Greyhound mix

Several of the blends look even more like the Greyhound parent breed, while a few other looks even more like the German shepherd breed. The Greyhound weighs between 60 and 70 pounds and also separates 26 as well as 30 inches in height. If you are looking German Shepherd Cute mix then you should adopt German Shepherd Corgi Mix Breed for your home.

On the other hand, the German shepherd weighs between 50 and 90 inches and also stands between 21 and even 26 inches. From the various dimensions n weights of the two types of breeds, it’s noticeable the typical dimension and weight of their offspring would undoubtedly fall in between these 2.

Additionally, the German Shepherds are usually black/tan or black/red. However, sometimes and on rare occasions, you can find one with variations of blue, pure white, sable, or black.

Their layer is usually thick and dense. On the other hand, the greyhounds have a wide range of various color variations, consisting of grey, red, brined, fawn, black, along with white. They usually have short hair.

Their crossbreeds, shep-a-grey, can sometimes have shot hair as well as thick coat. They are available in a wide variety of colors equally as their parent breed. They have a life expectancy of between 8 and also 11 years.


The German shepherd greyhound Mix is one of the most awesome dogs for people that understand the character of these two breeds. Both sorts of dogs have a unique name, which clarifies why their species are just as excellent.

German shepherd Greyhound breed is gentle with children and plays a lot with them also. Those that have stayed with the German shepherd/Greyhound breed understand they are not hyper dogs or laid back dogs.

Instead, they are always pleasant and also like satisfying new people. They are not the kind of dog to frighten unfamiliar people away. When they meet strange people, their first reaction would be just one of investigative and not to shield area, as some other dog breeds do.

They are the type that would undoubtedly fulfill new people and discover a location to lie at the edge while the new person goes over with their owner. It’s one of the most successful mix breeds as it does not create a wild dog or an off-character breed.

Although they may seem a bit laid back at the start, they usually begin agreeing with their owners and also various other dogs within a brief time. They are not the sort of remain booked for a very long time.

The only time a germen shepherd/greyhound breed would certainly imitate they are booked is when they go into a new location. However, please provide a few days as well as they would chill out a little.

These are all the traits of the parent breeds, so it’s not shocking; they have passed the characteristic to their offspring. They are remarkable as well as a charming dog that is pleased with their owners and also youngsters.

Other Features of Greyhound German Shepherd

German guards are relatively active, and they are good dogs that can spend quality time around children. They are superb family members animals their owners adore for their care and friendship. On the other hand, Greyhounds has excellent sports attributes, as well as is extremely quick.

They likewise love being couch potatoes, enjoy napping is carefree, and also sometimes manageable. These attributes incorporate to create a super breed that is a beautiful household friend.

This breed is additionally known as the Greyhound shep. The gone across breeds of these two dog types come in a vast array of colors. Similar to the parent breeds, an offspring is a tool to large-sized that is sports and also powerfully built.

For those searching for German Shepherd+Grey residence mixes, they have not to wait as the traits are practically helpful in several conditions as well as may confirm to be a great friend for most of the dog owners that own this mix.

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