German Shepherd Boxer Mix Complete Guide on Personality

Is a German Shepherd Boxer mix the right dog for you? It’s a cute combination of the loyal German Shepherd and the fun-loving Boxer dog. But is this pup the best choice for your family? Or your lifestyle? All these questions answered in this blog briefly. 

Mix breed dogs are commonly healthier than purebred dogs, and they still have matching personalities and a cute look.  Because they are a combination of beauty and beast, that’s why you can get batter results in German Shepherd Boxer Mix Breed.

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Limitations of Owning a German Shepherd Boxer Mix

There are different types of issues you need to keep in mind before you buy German Shepherd Boxer Mix Breed so that you can easily handle all these issues without losing your dog.

Health Issue

The German shepherd is prone to canine hip dysplasia, obesity, and allergies, among others. It, therefore, becomes costly for most dog owners to maintain such a dog. Besides that, they might demand regular checkups to ensure that they are well all the time. If you want to become a German Shepherd Boxer Mix Breed owner, you need to spare your time daily for your dog.

Difficult Get Good Breed Results

If you want to get a great combination of German Shepherd and Boxer dog with a mixed breed, Important thing you need to keep in mind their parents so that you can precisely get what you want with their habits; otherwise, you are going to waste your money if you don’t understand precisely what you want.

A right breed is the one whose parent is all-around healthy. Buying an unhealthy strain is not as good as the lifespan reduced to, and also, the cost of maintaining a sick dog is expensive.

Demanding by Nature

The German shepherd does not like to be left alone all day long. Given that we are career people, it becomes very difficult on how to meet such demands. If you want to have a German Shepherd in your house, you need to have a proper schedule for your dog; otherwise, your all hard work along with money is going to waste.

Shedding Their Coat

The German shepherd is hairy, and as such, they shed all year round. It could be annoying and demanding more cleaning work as most dog owners want their compound to be neat all the time. Also, if the mix breeds the physical traits of the boxer, it requires regular trimming of the hair to keep it short and handy.

The History of The Boxer

The Boxer originated in Germany sometime in the late 1800s, although ancestors of this breed go back as far as 2,500 B.C. Those ancestors were known as big-game hunters able to take on bears, bison, and wild boar.

The History of The Boxer

The modern Boxer is one of the ten most popular breeds in the United States of America. Since then, the Boxer has been bred down to a smaller but just as impressive dog. Also, like the German Shepherd, the Boxer is a worker bee. Known for its ability to herd cattle, work with military and police forces, and provide protection.

The History of the German Shepherd

The name German Shepherd used to be an umbrella term for several different kinds of herding dogs. In the 1800s, a German cavalry officer developed his perfect herding dog from these breeds. German Shepherd is one of the intelligent species on the earth right now and ranked in number 2 due to loyalty.

The History of the German Shepherd

That same officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz, co-founded the first club dedicated to the newly established breed. The popularity of the dog began to grow, thanks to the adventures of celebrity German Shepherds RinTin-Tin and Strongheart. German Shepherds are the dog of choice for military and police work, Investigating in modern days.

German Shepherd Boxer Features

The floppy ears of a Boxer are controlled by a dominant gene, which means all the puppies in a Boxer German Shepherd litter will have them too. But the shape of a dog’s muzzle is controlled by several genes.

This means a Boxer German Shepherd mix puppy could have a muzzle which completely resembles one parent, or looks like a mix of both. A Boxer Shepherd mix dog will probably have a short and thick coat.

The German Shepherd Boxer puppies may have darker face marking around the eyes and the mouth. They tend to have a muzzle that is somewhere in between the German Shepherd and the Boxer muzzle, and they usually have the floppy ears of the boxer. 

Their coat is usually short like the coat of the Boxer, but thick and sometimes double coated like the German Shepherd. In short words, Boxer German Shepherd Mix will look like is a mix of both parent’s genes.


As both parent’s German Shepherd and Boxer are very different in appearance, it will be challenging to determine how the puppy is going to look like. But, they usually become large and powerfully built dogs.


The weight of the German Shepherd Boxer Mix goes from 65 to 95 lbs. It will depend on a few factors. Many German Shepherd Boxer Mix dogs reach around 70 pounds as soon as they hit the 1-year mark.


Both parents, German Shepherd and Boxer, are large size dogs. You can expect the German Shepherd Boxer Mix almost always to have a large size.


How tall the German Shepherd Boxer mixed dog? And the answer is they usually grow up to reach an average height between 23 to 28 inches.

Does the German Shepherd Boxer Dog Make a Good Family Pet?

A German Shepherd Boxer breed dog is an excellent choice for the right home, but it might not be the best breed for everyone. The ideal home might be with someone who is athletic and likes to spend time outdoors. They need plenty of exercise and training. 

This mixed breed makes excellent watchdogs but will need close supervision around small children and other pets. You need to spend some time with your Boxer German Shepherd Mix dog to train well, like walk jogging or playing in the park.

Protection and loyalty is the first thing you can realize from your mixed GSD Boxer. They tend to be pretty healthy, but they can have medical problems that require ongoing treatment or correction.

German Shepherd Boxer Personality

You now know that both parent’s  (German Shepherd and Boxer) genes will influence how the puppy will look like. Is this also true for how they’ll behave? Let’s have a look; It is a guarantee that the German Shepherd Boxer Mix will be an excellent guard dog because both the German Shepherd and the Boxer are known for their superb guarding skills. 

If you’re getting a Boxer German Shepherd Mix, you’ll be getting an intelligent, large and powerful dog that will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. You’ll get a loyal, patient, and playful dog.

Both parent breeds are excellent guard dogs, so be careful when introducing people entering your home. Although they can be great friends with other pets, they have herding and hunting instincts, and you need to consider this when going for walks. The desire to hunt, chase, or herd will depend on each dog, but you should keep their inherited instincts in mind. After all this information, you need to spend some time on daily basis training.

To combat separation anxiety in your Shepherd Boxer Mix, consider early training and enrichment toys such as the classic Kong Toy. You need to be very careful if you have a baby in your house first introduce mixed breed GSD to your family and kids slowly. I know they are intelligent and protective, but you need to conscious at the start.

Benefits of Having a German Shepherd Boxer Around

According to recent research, there are more than 70 million dogs in the U.S. alone. And more than 4 in 10 households have a pet dog, with the German Shepherd being the second most popular breed. 

German Shepherd Boxer Mix Breed is a classic dog that is among the most famous breeds in the US. It’s one of the most intelligent dogs that have a dominant personality and good looks. Here are some advantages to owning a German Shepherd.

Highly Intelligent And Trainable

German Shepherds top the list of the most intelligent dogs. German Shepherd dogs boxers are wise, and at the same time, they are mischievous. They respond very well to training and playing with them can also be fun. GSD’s are the choice service dog for the police, as they are a brilliant and quick learning breed.

A Healthy Breed

The German shepherd breed is known to have the least of health complications. It only needs to be fed from a proper diet and exercising regularly. But when you mic Boxer blood with GSD, you need to be very careful regarding the health issues.

It is Easy to Train

German Shepherd dog is trainable, and they are extreme and powerful animals. They are easier to train over other breeds for many reasons. German Shepherds love to learn, and they are highly motivated to follow your commands if they are rewarded with treats. Boxer blood becomes hugely loyal when it mixed with German Shepherd. So you can get the best dependable and guard dog in the shape of German Shepherd Boxer breed.

They’re Highly Adaptable

German Shepherds prefer larger yards. They quickly adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise each day. German Shepherd Boxer will make a great playmate for children and will exhibit extreme loyalty to the family. Though German Shepherds Boxer Mix Breed is often aloof toward new people, they follow your lead and are likely to warm up to the people you love.

Very Loyal Companionship

German Shepherds are amiable and loyal dogs. This dog is always prepared to give his life for the owner and the entire family, especially children. If you are looking for a family pet, the German Shepherds Boxer mix might be the breed for you. They especially bond well with children as long as you socialize them and train them as a puppy.

Care Needs of German Shepherd Boxer Mix Puppies

These are dogs that generally like to run and play. They are not likely to be happy living with a couch potato. They need plenty of free time, exercise, and enrichment toys to be content. Without that, the Boxer Shepherd puppy can be rambunctious and moody. 

These are intelligent dogs that not only respond well to training but thrive on it. Start training early. As the dog grows older, expand it, so you keep your best friend mentally stimulated. Socialize at a young age, as well, and introduce the puppy to a diverse group of dogs to prevent offensive issues later in life.

Final Words

The German Shepherd Boxer Mix is a great family pet and an excellent guard dog! They are loyal to the family and will demand your affection and attention. Daily bonding time, such as play, positive training sessions, or a walk to the park, is necessary for this dog to thrive.

What about you? What do you think is the most excellent characteristic of the German Shepherd Boxer Mix? Tell us in the comments below and share this post on social media. Thanks for reading if you have any question regarding this do let us know through your valuable feedback.

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