German Shepherd Mix Akita Complete Guide

We know that there are hundreds of crosses between different breeds of dogs. The German Shepherd is one of the breeds that has varieties of crosses. Although for many, it may be strange, one of them is the hybrid between the German Shepherd and an Akita.

For some people, this crossing may sound aggressive, as the Akita tends to be a dog with energy and strong character. However, when combined with a German Shepherd, the resulting genes among them make a skilled family dog.

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What Is a German Shepherd Akita Mix?

The German Shepherd Akita mix is the resultant between a German Shepherd dog and an Akita. The genes of these breeds tend to get along very well and result in a tremendous disciplined and active family dog. 

The German Shepherd Akita is an excellent choice to have as care dogs or to accompany the family. This hybrid breed easily adapts to any environment without any problem, as long as kept under education and training.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Parents Come From Different Worlds

German Shepherd Mix Akita will surely have intense focus, a strong work ethic, and versatility. You will be able to perform many activities with him, including but not limited to police and military work, agility, jogging, search and rescue, obedience, and show.

German Shepherd Background

The German Shepherd originated from sheepherding dogs across Germany. Max von Stephanitz, a prominent member of a school of dog fanciers who wanted to promote purity, went to great lengths to develop the perfect working dog in 1899. He found what he recognized as an ideal model in the successful show dog Hektor.

Generations of careful breeding made the German Shepherd type unmistakable and his versatility world-renowned. The breed became a member of the herding group of the AKC in 1908.

Akita Dog History

At one time, you needed the prerogative of Japanese royalty to own an Akita. Many historical sources further romanticize the Akita’s origins, citing a hunting dog from the Northern mountains of Japan. While early Akitas did hunt massive games like boars and bears, they also had a strong dogfighting legacy. 

Japanese owners began breeding their medium-sized Akitas with Mastiffs and Tosas to increase their size and competitiveness versus other dogs in the mid-1600s, according to the Akita Association of Ireland. Interestingly, the idea of the German Shepherd Akita mix is not new. 

During World War II, the two breeds’ histories would touch. To maintain food supplies, Japan decreed all dogs should be surrendered for their pelts, which would line soldiers’ clothing. Though, the country spared any German Shepherd working on the police force. 

Desperately seeking to save their beloved breed, some masters hid their dogs while others took the drastic step of crossing them with German Shepherds. These two puppies undoubtedly come from the same litter. Note how much they look like Shepherds and the sable and fawn coloration possible in a single litter.

The Akita is a national treasure and a natural monument in Japan. The first Akita to come to the United States was a gift from the Japanese government to Helen Keller in 1937. Akitas joined the AKC in 1972 as working dogs.

How Much Does a GSD Akita Mix Cost?

A German shepherd Akita mix costs between $500 and $700; however, the price may vary depending on the area where you live, or the availability at that time. German Shepherd Akita Mix is one of the design breeds sold at affordable prices. 

You can as well find a GSD Akita through non-profit breeders or rescue foundations that pick up and care for relinquished dogs. Many people leave their GSD Akita because they don’t know it’s a designer breed and prefer a totally “pure” Akitas.

What Is A German Shepherd Akita Mix Called?

German Shepherd Akita is also known as Akita Shepherd or Shepkita, which is, of course, the combination of both their names.

The Appearance of the German Shepherd Akita Mix

The appearance of a Shepkita is very similar to that of a German shepherd. Only his head is a little smaller. They have a short, narrow muzzle with sharp teeth. The nose of the design race is black, and their eyes are brown; in addition, they have pointed ears.

The Appearance of the German Shepherd Akita Mix

Shepkitas are usually large dogs, comprehensive and authoritative. Their legs are large, proportioned to their body, and their tail is curved. They typically have two tones in their coat, although the most common is the black tone, can also be found brown, toasted, saber, spotted, white, golden, and even mottled or brindle.

Akita Mix German Shepherd Breed Overview

Average Size 26-28 Inches
Average Weight 75-120 Pounds
Type of Coat Soft, Dense, Coarse or Medium
Coat Length Medium Length, Thick
Life Expectancy 10 to 13 years

German Shepherd Akita Color Patterns

Shepherd-Akita mixes can be the colors of either breed or a few colors beyond the typical spectrum.

Black and tan GSD
Black GSD
Blue German Shepherd
Fawn Akita or German Shepherd Dog
Tan GSD or Akita
Red and white Akita
Brindle Akita
White GSD or Akita
Sable GSD
Merle Not saw in the purebred Akita or Shepherd
White Pinto is a large proportion of white with other colours dots.
White with black spots or freckles Atypical of either Akitas or German Shepherds

How to train Akita German Shepherd Mix?

Shepkitas will always be willing to face any type of work or recreational activity assigned to them. They are straightforward to train and learn very quickly. We recommend spending 1 hour outdoors, in places where you can run and exercise. 

You can teach German shepherd Akita Mix to walk with you or do other activities such as carrying keys or bags when you return from the store. You can also design indoor games. They like to play with Frisbee, stretch things with their fangs, etc. 

If you want to do a more precise or demanding training, the Shepkita will surely enjoy it, and they may be able to learn work tasks like tracking, hunting, military work, search and rescue, agility and surveillance.

German Shepherds are generally very easy to train. Occasionally, a Shepherd may have a serious dominance problem. However, once you gain Shepherd’s respect, she tends to be quite obedient. 

Akitas are willful, strong-minded, and independent. Our experience with Akitas is, while clearly very smart, they seem to ponder commands before executing them. Moreover, Akitas, like other Spitz breeds, tend to wander and do not always have a reliable recall.

 Are German Shepherd Akita Mix  Good Watchdogs?

You should not have any doubts about your Shepherd Akita’s skills with guarding your home and family. Prepare yourself for potential aggression against perceived threats to you or your property.

Early training and socialization are crucial so your dog can become a reasonable and discerning judge of shady behaviour. Experts often recommend you focus more on teaching your dog obedience rather than undergoing any guard training with a Shepherd or an Akita. Canines with natural guard tendencies do not need improper training or encouragement to be more aggressive. Either can create a dangerous dog.

Is Akita German Shepherd Mix Aggressive?

German Shepherds have courage, boldness, and fierceness that has placed them among the best guard dogs for decades. Not mainly bred for aggression, their hostility against intruders comes from protective instincts first cultivated through their work with livestock. 

They extend that protection to all family members and are territorial over home and property. Akitas, like Shepherds, are loyal and courageous. However, they are more similar to the Doberman in that their breeders developed aggressive tendencies to accommodate the primary role of guarding persons and property. Their ferocity against troubles is inherent and uncompromising.

Will Akita German Shepherd Mix bear All-Weather?

Your German Shepherd mix Akita will have a thick undercoat that insulates him from the sun and keeps him warm in the winter. More states have passed laws that prevent you from leaving your dog for prolonged periods outdoors when the temperature dips below freezing.

Some dog houses now provide safe means to install a pet heater when it becomes exceptionally frigid in the winter. No matter how much you winterize your dog’s environment or your Shepherd or Akita mix loves the snow, leaving her unattended outdoors can lead to emotional and social problems. The German Shepherd and Akita both thrive in cold conditions. 

Their undercoats, of course, provide excellent insulation, but their longer outer fur is water repellant to keep them dry. Despite any adaptation to cold weather, you should always offer shelter from wind and rain. 

German Shepherds tolerate the heat somewhat better than Akitas. Adjustments you should make in temperatures over 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit are limiting exercise, giving shade and possibly a pool, ensuring access to water, and moving walks to cooler times like early in the morning or late evenings.

How long will your Akita Shepherd Live?

Akitas, German Shepherds, and Shepkitas all have similar lifespans. The Shepherd lives 10 to 13 years. The Shepkita also is reported to live 10 to 13 years and the Akita 10 to 15 years.

Will your Akita German Shepherd Mix Fit into the Family?

Shepkitas are most likely to be kind and protective of children of their family if socialized at a young age. They may or may not tolerate other animals. You may not see dog aggressiveness appear in your pup until he approaches adolescence or around six to eight months of age. 

Both Akitas and German Shepherds can learn to see children as part of their pack that they need to protect and around whom they must be kind. Akitas cannot be trusted to extend that solicitous attitude to children outside of the family. 

You should never trust any dogs, especially large ones, unsupervised with small children. German Shepherds and Akitas have a strong prey drive. You should not tempt Akitas, especially by arranging them in the close vicinity of pet birds or small dogs. Some Akitas befriend cats, but their light plays energy warrants extreme caution.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Temperament

A German Shepherd Akita mix is a genius and brave dog, usually very serious and protective. They enjoy being loyal, cooperative, and willing to take care of their owners at all times. 

They are mostly known for being attentive to any situation; they may seem calm and indifferent, but they are always alert to what is happening. When a Shepkita is well-trained, he becomes very obedient and makes a great family pet.

Akita German Shepherd Mix health Issues?

Hip Dysplasia

A developmental disorder of the hip joint. It can cause progressively worsening discomfort throughout the GSD Akita dog’s life. Your veterinarian may recommend surgical intervention in some cases.

Their main health problem is that they tend to be prone to bloating, just like their relatives. Shepkitas may face hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and dry eyes because they don’t usually close their eyes completely when they sleep.

Another condition they have is an allergy to corn, so we recommend that you do not give this type of food.

Luxating Patella

More often associated with small dogs, the American College of Veterinary Surgeons reports that luxating patellas seem to be on the rise in dogs like the Akita and Flat-Coated Retriever.


Likely from the Akita’s genetic predisposition to autoimmune disorders.

Akita German Shepherd is Best Pet for You or Not?

The Shepherd Akita mix is potentially a great family companion and best pet for you. Like most large dogs, Akita GSD Mix requires early socialization and firm training.

She is an attractive and affectionate pet and a natural guard dog. Very versatile, you can enjoy several activities like flyball, fetch, agility, obedience, and hiking.

Final Words

Suppose you are looking for any dog pet which has loyalty and intelligence qualities. You just press yes on the option of German Shepherd Akita Mix. This Hybrid GSD is the best option for you, and You just need to give proper time in the starting periods of the training and later on enjoy Akis GSD Mix company.

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