Can I Give My Dog Tums? Safe Tummy Ache Solution?

We all encounter some stomach problems now and then, and that isn’t restricted merely to us people because our pet dogs do get these nasty and annoying tummy aches too.

When you thought the day was going so terrific for you or your pet, suddenly, you’re faced with a pain that makes your appetite to non-existent as well as discomfort to very irritating degrees.

However, we’ve obtained the benefit of having some Tums tucked away and all set to be of use when the time comes, but we know you’ve received another thing in mind when you got those out.

Can you give your dog Tums and is it safe to use for them? And also, the amount of Tums can I give my dog for it to be safe?

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Can Dogs Have Tums?

Yes, you can treat several of your dog’s digestion problems with Tums, and it may aid your pet to feel far better. Although in 99% of all situations, it’s most definitely not the best selection of therapy.

can dogs have tums

There are much safer and also much more effective alternatives to replace Tums available on the market. But if you go with this drug anyhow, you have to comply with particular guidelines and also discuss the issue with your veterinarian initially, or you are at risk of making your dog sicker.

What Is Tums in the First Place?

Tums is an antacid that is made use of to eliminate heartburn by decreasing the acid in the stomach before it can create you any more distress. The weaker the acid discovered inside your stomach ends up being, the less likely it will certainly be that you begin experiencing any heartburn.

There are three vital ingredients found inside Tums that function as an antacid and help each other to counteract the level of acidity located in your stomach. These 3 are calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, and also sodium bicarbonate.

As well as given that these three collaborate to help fight off the opportunities of experiencing heartburn, lowering the acidity in the stomach is also a great way to deal with any tummy issue as well as helps indigestion feel better once more.

It is a beneficial and also effective medicine that has been sweeping the market and loading everyone’s homes. Still, is it a great alternative to use when your pet is experiencing any tummy problem? What implications or side effects could it potentially bring to your innocent pooch who needs aid with their tummy pains?

How Much Tums Can I Give My Dog?

A precise Tum’s dose for dogs dramatically varies, relying on the focus of the calcium carbonate in Tums as well as your puppy’s weight. To keep it simple small dog can have 1250mg of Tum’s energetic ingredient in 24 hrs– it’s 2.5 typical stamina tablets.

And it can be as high as 12-20 tablet computers for a giant dog within someday. But allow’s go into details. It’s always a great idea to talk to the vet initially before your dog undoubtedly takes Tums.

However, let’s say you would certainly go with the typical stamina Tums of 500mg of energetic component Calcium Carbonate USP per tablet. Such as this mint one. But once again, please remember that the medicine needs never to be offered without first discussing it with your veterinarian.

Are Tums Safe For Dogs?

While there are much better options around available, Tums is a very safe alternative when it pertains to caring for your dog’s tummy aches without having to go the extra mile. Nevertheless, these are some of the reasons that you may not want to select it over time.

Not as Efficient

Although Tums is beneficial and reliable in working its magic in individuals, the same can not be stated for your dog due to a hundred various other factors.

The primary one is that they absorb at a much faster price than we individuals do, just permitting the substance to work for a certain period before fully functioning its benefits.

You will undoubtedly need quite the specific dosage to have your dog experience the very same amount of alleviation we get from utilizing Tums.


While Tums is made to help the human body system in caring for heartburn as well as tummy pains while doing so, the same tale does not apply more so to dogs.

Your dog’s system may even be allergic to a few of the dyes or compounds found in Tums. In this viewpoint, the risks begin surpassing the benefits. Who knows just how your dog can respond, so you should remain safe.


It may be entirely safe for us to use; however, the same can not be claimed for dogs as there may be the possibility of it having sweetening agents like xylitol. While it does verify no injury for us, it is very hazardous for your dog to ingest and also may bring about some very significant problems while doing so.

Too Much Calcium

Calcium is perfectly adequate; however, when it concerns dogs, too much of this calcium carbonate compound may result in some severe adverse effects as well. Most specifically in pups because their systems are not able to comprehend and also use such overdose in calcium and also will badly obstruct their bone and cartilage material advancement.

Better Options

There exist many much better options around that are made specifically for the use of your puppy, so why also risk it with another thing when you can use products for your dog? Here is another informational post about german shepherd ears if you pet a new GSD Puppy.

Pregnant or Nursing Dogs

These dogs should not be given unsupervised medication at all.

Medical conditions

Tums can worsen specific issues, including kidney disease. If your dog experiences any health issues, ask your doctor which over the counter pills are safe to be taken.

Will Tums Hurt a Dog?

It’s feasible. The active component of Tums is Calcium Carbonate. A typical stamina tablet has 500mg of it. Hypercalcemia, a condition called an abnormally high concentration of calcium in the pet’s blood, is something that German shepherd dachshund mix owners need to bear in mind.

Just how high? It is 11.5 mg per deciliter of blood. Blood volume is typically estimated as 55-70 ml/kg (it’s 0.55-0.7 deciliter per kg) of body weight. So, undoubtedly, the quantity of calcium in Tums may have an effect on the element’s concentration in the pup’s body.

Among the typical symptoms of such conditions are bowel irregularity, exhaustion, depression, constipation, bladder rocks, and also extra. For that reason, you always intend to consult your veterinarian before waging this or any other pills.

And do not neglect to use the number over throughout the conversation. Or, in case you want to conserve cash and time far better while being reliable in aiding your pup with poop problems, you might inspect on the internet vets.

For example, “Just ask” could be an excellent option because of the situation. It’s on-line support with hundreds of certified veterinarians available to assist you in a second for a small fraction of the price.

So you don’t have to drive anywhere or worry that your physician is out of the workplace as well as you can obtain practically endless 24/7support for pennies within the test duration. Check them out.

What Need to Do When Tums Is the Only Thing Available?

In the off opportunity that Tums is your only available remedy for your dog’s tummy aches, then you need to make sure that you are first making use of one that has no shade dyes to avoid any allergic reaction.

Also, check with the ingredients located inside the Tums you have and also see to it that there are no sweetening agents present to avoid any more difficulties.

Here is a brief overview of how many tums can I give my dog

Small Dogs

For the smaller dogs, they will undoubtedly need a dosage of 1,250 mg to be useful as well as not disappear too quickly.

Medium Dogs

For dogs that are a little bigger, they will need 2 grams to 4 grams relying on just how huge they are.

Big Dogs

If your pooch is certainly fairly large, after that the advised dosage will have to be at least in between 4 grams to 6 grams to be reliable.

Giant Dogs

If you have an undeniably big dog that can be considered a giant, then the higher dosage will be needed between 6 grams to 10 grams.

My Dog Ate Tums. What Should I Need to Do?

Because of all the calcium that Tums consists of, your pet could experience irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, or, sometimes, a chalky stool. Overdosing with those pills is not most likely to occur, even if they had quite some Tums, but they may harm from indigestion.

Your dog doc will most likely inform you to wait a long time as well as to observe your pet for some more concerning symptoms if your pet experienced allergic reactions after taking Tums; because of the situation, you need to call the veterinarian as soon as possible.

What You Can Do Bette

Rather than wonder how many Tums I can give my dog, it is always the safer and smarter option to check with your veterinarian first before doing anything drastic, which could pose a hazard to your pet.

Tums may be a good alternative, but it should not be relied on as frequently as this may cause problems in the long run. A trip to the vet will always beat any potential alternative to fixing any of your pet’s issues.

In any case, as long as you remain vigilant, alert, and well informed, then your pet will surely get through that tummy ache and will keep coming back happy if you’ve used everything you learned today.

Tums for dogs. Final Words

If your dog experiences severe vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach pain, you have to contact your veterinarian today and also not even worry about providing Tums to your pet. Nevertheless, for the moderate stomach concerns, it might work.

And while dogs can have tums, you still have to beware. If you decide to opt for it, select an unflavored option. Be careful sugar-free flavorings, which may consist of artificial sweeteners, e.g., toxic for dogs Xylitol. If your pet’s health and wellness issues linger or get worse after making use of Tums, bring them to a veterinarian as promptly as possible.

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